Retreat Contract
Retreat Contract
Retreat Contract

Retreat Contract

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This contract is for you if you are hosting a retreat, whether abroad or in your own city! This may be a fitness retreat, a business retreat, a mindfulness retreat, either way we’ve got you covered. The waiver offers you an added layer of protection given the risks of hosting a retreat, especially if it involves foreign travel. Note: check your jurisdiction for any travel agent requirements, as some jurisdictions require you to be a registered travel agent to collect money for travel and/or accommodation.

This contract template includes:

  • A clear offering of the retreat services that you provide (you may choose not to collect money for travel or accommodation)
  • Clear payment terms (so you get paid!)
  • Participant requirements, such as medical and cancellation insurance
  • Limitation of liability by third-party providers, such as transportation or excursion operators
  • What happens in the event you or a participant needs to cancel, or if the retreat cannot be carried out
  • Media Release
  • Participant waiver and release of liability to protect yourself from future legal issues and address the risks of traveling
  • The contract includes consent for minors who may want to participate in the retreat
  • All the legal terms you need, and none you don’t
  • And more

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