Contracts, Written by Darielle

Darielle Teitelbaum is a business lawyer based in Toronto, Canada and the founder of AWE Legal™, a unique law firm that focuses on working with athletes, artists, wellness professionals and entrepreneurs (AWE).

Like many of her clients, Darielle is an entrepreneur, creative as well as a fitness instructor. She left traditional law to carve her own path and work with clients that share her values, passion and drive, creating AWE Legal in 2017 and AWE Contracts Inc. in 2020.

For The Innovators

AWE Contracts Inc. is for the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial Canadian community looking for a simple, reliable and affordable legal protection.


Every contract is lawyer-drafted according to recent Canadian law. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive and free, online contracts may not be written according to modern Canadian law.

For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

AWE Contracts was created by Darielle, the founder of AWE Legal, a unique law firm focused on athletes, artists, wellness professionals and entrepreneurs. Our deep experience with entrepreneurs from every industry ensures that our contracts consider nuances.