Do I really need a contract for my business?

Yes, of course you do! Start treating your business like a business, not a hobby. A contract is a great organizational and legal tool to have policies in place, set expectations, and ensure important terms are met, such as being paid on time!

What does a contract typically cost when working with a lawyer?

While prices range depending on the jurisdiction, lawyer and firm size, usually one legal contract will cost between $850-$1,200 plus tax. That's why we're so excited to offer our Contracts Kits, since you're getting 4 contract templates (or more) for nearly the same cost as a single lawyer drafted contract.

When will I get my contract?

Once you purchase your contract(s), you will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to download and save all of your files. The link will contain (1) a word version of your contract (2) a PDF version; and (3) User Guide.

By buying a template from AWE Contracts, am I getting legal advice?

While all contract templates were drafted and reviewed by lawyers, AWE Contracts Inc. is not a law firm and you are not being provided with any specific legal advice. You need to hire a lawyer in your jurisdiction if you want or need specific legal advice or need any legal questions answered.

Can the contract template be used for clients in the US or internationally?

The contract templates are drafted according to Canadian law, however they can certainly be used for clients all around the world and in the US! We've ensured that as a Canadian business owner operating in Canada, the contract is governed and interpreted by Canadian law. Each contract includes a clause that any disputes that may arise need to be settled in your home jurisdiction (which you will fill out in your template).

If I don’t live in Canada or I live in Quebec, can I use the contract template?

The contract templates were created for Canadian entrepreneurs adhering to common law. So, if you live outside of Canada, in another common law jurisdiction you may use the templates but we encourage you to retain a lawyer in your jurisdiction to review the template and ensure it accurately reflects the law where you reside. If you live in Quebec or any other civil law jurisdiction, these contracts were not drafted according to civil law and so we recommend you do not purchase them and/or have a local lawyer review them.

Can I share the contract template?

No, and please don’t. We have worked hard to create a product that allows as many entrepreneurs as possible to have access to great contracts for their business. We’ve made the download process simple and easy to use, without implementing time restraints, password protections or other ways to police this service. It’s also against our Terms and Conditions, which you can read here. Please respect this policy, as we are entrepreneurs too!

How do I customize my contract?

Each contract is colour coded and the User Guide contains a legend to help you understand each colour option. You will see which sections require information from you to insert (such as the name of your business and contact information) as well as optional sections for your contract (such as your payment schedule). When you first receive your contract, you will need to review it and insert all the information and options to create your final customized version. Then there are limited sections that will need to change for each client, but once you have created your final template version, it will be reusable for each client.

How long will it take to customize my contract?

Each contract template is different, but generally it takes about one (1) hour from your initial review to completing your custom contract.

Will I need a legal dictionary to understand my client?

No. We’ve drafted these templates using everyday language so that it’s easy for you and your client to understand. There are no “heretowiths” or “theretofrom’s” in our contracts. We’ve created AWE Contracts to reflect how people actually talk about and do business. In our User Guide, we also provide definitions for some of the more legally (but important!) terms so that you can explain these to your client if they have questions.

If I buy the wrong contract, can I return it?

We have a no-refund policy for all of our contract templates. If you buy the wrong contract or need a refund we may, at our sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis, provide an alternate contract or partial refund. Please reach out to us at so that we can try our best to accommodate you!

Is an AWE Contract right for my business?

You should not buy an AWE Contract if:

  • You do not want to spend any time customizing your contract. Although they are complete contracts you need to spend some time to review and customize it to your business.
  • If you are a member of a highly regulated profession, you may want to seek a lawyer in your jurisdiction to review the contract and/or contact your governing body to ensure compliance.

Can I have my clients e-sign my contract?

Yes, and in fact, we encourage making the signing process as simple and convenient as possible for your clients and electronic signatures are a great way to do that. We’ve specifically accounted for e-signatures in the general terms of the contract.

What happens if the law changes?

Good question! Just like in business, the law is ever-changing. When you buy a contract template from AWE Contracts, we will send you an updated contract template whenever we make changes to it, either because the law changes or based on feedback from users. By purchasing one of our contract templates, you will always have access to the most up-to-date contract template that we offer.

What if I have a question or need clarity about the template?

We’re here for you! If after reading your contract template and other resources we’ve provided, you still have questions about your contract, we’d be happy to clarify things for you. Keep in mind however, that we cannot provide you specific legal advice on using a contract template in your business, and if you need legal advice you should reach out to your local lawyer.

What if my client requests changes to my contract?

Before sending your contract out, it’s a great idea to discuss some of the high-level items in your contract with your client first so that there aren’t any surprises. You can discuss things like payment terms or ownership of copyright. If your client requests any changes that you are okay with, you can make those changes before sending your contract to them. If there are major changes, or you aren’t sure how those changes might affect your rights, we recommend hiring a local lawyer to discuss any proposed changes before agreeing to them.

Can I change the look and style of my contract?

Of course, it’s yours! Feel free to make your contract as branded as you like, using your own font, spacing, alignment, logo and colours! Your contract should be a seamless extension of your client experience.

Where can I get insurance for my business?

While contracts are your first line of defence, we are big advocates of having layers of protection, and specifically insurance (ex: business, cyber, errors & omissions, commercial property). If you're looking for easy to access insurance, made for your profession, check out Foxquilt our go-to provider for the AWE Contracts community.

What if AWE Contracts doesn’t offer the contract template I need?

If you need a certain contract template, there is a good chance other people do too! Please reach out and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if it’s a template we can add to our shop.

Email us at or fill out our contact form

Do I have to include my personal details and address within the contract?

You don’t have to include your address or other personal details in the first page of your contract, although it is common practice and a good way for your client/ the other party to contact you. We highly recommend including your e-mail and phone number, and the best way to reach you, in order for notice requirements to be met.

Do I fill out my contract as a corporation or Doing Business As (“DBA”) name and what’s the difference?

If your business is incorporated then your corporation is the party to the contract and that’s all you need to include! Corporations are legal entities under law and can enter into contracts. If you operate as a solo entrepreneur then include your legal name as the party, OR if you’ve registered your business under a different name and are operating as such, you will need to include your legal name and DBA name since your business is not a legal entity and cannot enter into legal agreements. You can always set your business name as the short-form party name in your contract and use that throughout, but make sure when you sign that you use your legal name as well!

What if I need technical support?

If you need extra technical support, feel free to reach out to us at and we will either help you or point you in the right direction.

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