$hmoney Podcast: Why is Legal Help So Damn Expensive?

$hmoney Podcast: Why is Legal Help So Damn Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why working with a lawyer is so damn pricey? Have you ever been in a pinch to hire legal help but couldn’t afford it? If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, put your worries to rest— AWE Contracts is here for you.

Founded by Toronto-based millennial business lawyer and 2x entrepreneur Darielle Teitelbaum, AWE Contracts aims to democratize the legal process by providing downloadable and reliable legal contract templates for Canadian entrepreneurs. Catering specifically to athletes, artists, wellness professionals, and entrepreneurs, every AWE contract is lawyer-drafted according to recent Canadian law.

If you want to get the basics covered for your biz, learn more about why legal protection is so expensive, or hear about why entrepreneurialism isn’t for everyone, listen to this episode of the $hmoney Podcast, hosted by journalist Anastasia Barbuzzi.

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