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About AWE

AWE Contracts is a one-stop shop providing reliable and affordable legal protection, on-demand!

We offer Canadian entrepreneurs a variety of contract templates that are tailored to your industry. Our goal is to make legal protection easy and accessible, so we’ve cut out expensive lawyers and high legal fees, and created easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank contract templates that speak your industry language. 

Simply choose your contract template, download it and fill in your details and in under an hour you’ll have a comprehensive, legally binding contract ready to be signed.

Now with AWE Contracts, all types of businesses, from side-hustles, start-ups, solopreneurs to mid-size business and big corporations, can use high quality contracts to set a professional tone and get legal protection from the get-go, leaving you assured that you and your business are protected!

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Written according to the most recent, Canadian law.

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Written by Darielle, an experienced business lawyer and 2x entrepreneur.