AWE Contracts Inc. was created for the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial Canadian community looking for a simple, reliable solution to run their business properly and get affordable legal protection.

AWE Contracts was created by the founder of AWE Legal (a unique law firm focused on athletes, artists, wellness professionals and entrepreneurs), so you can be sure that we know business law, your industry, your pain points, and the realities of being an entrepreneur. We also know that it can be expensive, stressful and overwhelming to hire a lawyer and many of you are unsure whether the cut and paste clauses you found on the internet will actually protect you.

AWE Contracts was created as the reliable legal solution to all of this! We’ve taken our years of experience working with our awesome creative and entrepreneurial clients (online coaches, graphic designers, photographers, personal trainers etc.) and created contract templates that provide different customizable options so that your final contract actually reflects your business practices. Plus, you can brand your contracts so that you’re speaking to your clients in your own voice.

We wholeheartedly believe that contracts and legal protection should be accessible, affordable and easy to understand. We also believe that if you’re running your business in Canada, you should have contracts drafted by Canadian lawyers, even if your clients are all over the world. 

Our goal is for you to have easy access to great contracts that you feel good about sharing with clients, allowing you to focus on your true passions and goals, developing your business.

AWE Contracts is not a law firm, nor do we provide any legal advice.

The Founder

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Darielle Teitelbaum is a business lawyer based in Toronto, Canada and the founder of AWE Legal™, a unique law firm that focuses on working with athletes, artists, wellness professionals and entrepreneurs (AWE). Like many of her clients, Darielle is an entrepreneur, creative as well as a fitness instructor. She left traditional law to carve her own path and work with clients that share her values, passion and drive, creating AWE Legal in 2017. Darielle has worked within her community to educate entrepreneurs and creatives about the law and business, teaching and providing workshops at places such as Ryerson University, Lululemon, and Artscape Daniels Launchpad and appearing on several podcasts. She is passionate about education and providing access to legal knowledge and services.

After years of working within niche creative industries and the fitness world, Darielle wanted to provide even more accessible legal support across Canada. AWE Contracts was born to support her community by providing easy to understand, accessible and affordable legal contract templates that are tailored to the niche industries she has so much experience working within. AWE Contracts supports the AWE community without the stress and financial barriers that may come with hiring a lawyer. It’s Darielle's hope to empower all entrepreneurs, at any phase of their business, with reliable lawyer-drafted Canadian contract templates that they can brand and feel good about using.

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What Our Community is Saying:

Kelsey Reidl
Online Marketing and Business Coach
Founder of Visionary Life & The VISIONARY METHOD™

" I had no idea that it could be this simple to add a contract into my Coaching Client Onboarding Process!
The idea of writing a contract intimidated me for so long, but Darielle & the team at AWE Contracts made it simple to get started and it took under 1 hour to get my contract 100% customized.
The Coaching Agreement that I have is exactly what I needed to protect my time, energy & course materials in a way that does not intimidate my clients.
Thank you for helping me to protect my business! "

Kaela Leone

"As a freelance photographer, there are so many fine details that go into planning and executing a client shoot. AWE Contracts provided me with an incredibly comprehensive contract that ensured my client’s and my expectations were clear from the get-go. My AWE photography contract has not only impressed my clients but has also left me feeling 100% secure and protected in every project I embark on. Thank you!"

Michaud Garneau
Modern Leadership Development

"I'm not what you would call a "detail oriented person", so when it came to contracts, I needed help. AWE contracts have been a life-saver, they're robust AND easy to understand. The colour coded templates are super straightforward to use and I can relax knowing my company and my IP are well-protected."

Justine Levenberg
Head of Impact, Virtual Impact

"AWE Contracts has been a huge support to my start up business! Darielle and her team were so helpful to ensure that we got the correct service agreements for our clients. I would highly recommend using AWE Contracts to make sure you are protecting yourself and your company. AWE Contracts are super easy to use and allowed me to get a contract in place quickly when I was working with a tight deadline for a client! Thanks Darielle and the AWE Contracts team for all of your support!"

Adam Deunk

"It feels really good to know that I’m now using an agreement that was created very intentionally from start to finish by a lawyer who knows what they’re talking about rather than using bits and pieces of info from various online resources to make up a “contract” in the past.”

Megan Tong
Life and Business Coach

"I'm a life and business coach, and when I started offering longer coaching packages, my clients started asking me for a contract! That's when I went out and found AWE Contracts. It turns out they had exactly what I needed: a contract template made specifically for coaches. After I bought it, I realized just how important it was to have one—the author had thought of a lot of things that I hadn't! (Like the fact that I am a CPA, and needed to clarify that I was not offering accounting or financial services to my clients.)
I also found the contract to be super easy to work with: I had it downloaded, customized, and sent to my new client within one hour of buying it. How we create our lives is simply by making decisions, so if you're considering this contract, and you're on the fence, here's my coaching: hit 'Buy' now... and then get back to your mission of taking over the world.”