How businesses can make the most of operating during a pandemic

How businesses can make the most of operating during a pandemic

Being faced with the first lockdown was extremely challenging. Beyond the existing stress of living through a global pandemic, it forced business as usual to change as we knew it — long gone were the days of boardroom meetings and in-person exercise classes. It was jarring and at the time, some businesses may have missed the opportunity to pivot to a new model that worked with how things would be for the next few months. Today, as we settle into our second lockdown in Toronto with a little more ease, we challenge you to push beyond what may have felt like limitations the first time around. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Offer your Services Online

Just because we can’t be together in person doesn’t mean our connection needs to fade. By offering your services or courses online you can continue to connect with your growing community and perhaps even find comfort in presenting from your home. When offering online programs, consider having an Online Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy stated on your site. These two policies form a contract between you/corporation and the user/visitor to your website. The Terms and Conditions often outline key terms for the visitor’s use of the site and protects the website owner (you!) from any damages or harm that may incur as a visitor browses your site. A Privacy Policy tells your site visitors in what ways you gather, use, or disclose their personal data and information while browsing your site or entering contests and what third-party applications you may use in running your business. You can find an easy-to-download and customize Online Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy here that has been drafted by a licensed Canadian lawyer.

Teach a Masterclass

You’ve spent years harnessing the skills to become an expert in your field, so why not help others get to your level? Odds are you have a solid following of clients (past and prospective) who are fans of your work and young professionals in your field who follow you on social media. A great way to leverage this connection is by educating those who want to one day stand in your shoes. As the educator, your masterclass can take the shape or form that feels right to you and your business. Bring your personality and find out what your community wants to know and share this with them online via a zoom call or different online video platform. Before you get started, be sure to check out our Mastermind Contract Template. This contract is for you if you are a coach, leader or teacher and host mastermind sessions with a group of participants. You can use this contract whether you host the mastermind in person or online. This contract is great for webinars, online courses and group classes and includes a simple way to set out the services you are providing to the group, the expectations from your participants (i.e. how they behave towards each other and you), clear payment terms, your rescheduling/cancellation policy, a waiver and release of liability to protect yourself from future legal issues, and all the legal terms you need and none that you don’t! Find the Online Course Kit here to get all of the essential high quality contract templates you need to run your online business for one low price. 

Start Coaching Virtually

Keep pushing your clients to achieve their goals while working from home. If there’s anything the first lockdown taught us it’s that we are far more resilient than we think and we can make do without the things we’re used to. Just because the gym isn’t accessible at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t keep supporting your clients in achieving their fitness goals. Check out our Fitness Contract Kit here.

Embrace this second lockdown and continue to grow during COVID-19 and take the time to adjust your business, especially as we head into the winter months. There’s so much that can be done virtually! And for all your legal needs, we’re here to help. Browse our legal contract shop AWE Contracts today for ready-to-go, downloadable, Canadian contract templates that will help to set you up fro success! Visit us at AWE Legal for legal support if you're located in Ontario. For any inquiries or templates that you need, but don't see offered yet, please e-mail us at:

Stay strong! We know that through tough times, innovation blooms.

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