5 ways for Entrepreneurs to Wind Down Before the Holidays

5 ways for Entrepreneurs to Wind Down Before the Holidays
As an entrepreneur, it can be very challenging to find a healthy work-life balance. With the goal of growing your business, the hustle-culture that many entrepreneurs thrive on can quickly lead to burnout. Luckily, there are ways to stay driven while also prioritizing things you enjoy and your mental health!

As we head into the holidays and wrap up 2021, here are five ways to wind down that won’t feel like you’re sacrificing precious business time. You deserve a break!

  1. Start the day with ‘morning pages’

Do you ever feel like your brain’s hard drive is full or that you need to clear your mental cache? Get all the thoughts that are taking up valuable space out on paper. Before you start your day, take ten minutes to write out anything and everything that comes to mind stream-of-consciousness style. Don’t get caught up in your penmanship or making sure it’s perfect. Just get it out! 

  1. Eat a good, FULL meal

You’re busy, we totally get it. But you should never be too busy to fuel your body with a nutritious meal. We’re big fans of small, frequent meals throughout the day to keep our energy up and the hangry at bay. This will also help you avoid feeling completely beat after dinner time since you’ll be fuelling up consistently, keeping your blood sugar stable. One of our favourite things to make are snack plates with a variety of fruits and veggies, different proteins, and healthy fats like nuts or avocado! It’s like a day-time charcuterie board. 

  1. Get comfortable saying no. 

Overcommitting can happen in a split second as an entrepreneur. You’re growing your business and capitalizing on new opportunities feels like a no-brainer.  Listen to your intuition on this one. If someone asks you to do something, work related or not, listen to what your gut tells you. If you start to feel a pang of anxiety, it’s a good indicator that you should pass, otherwise you’re on a one-way train to burnout town. 

  1. Get festive!

Whether it’s through seasonal activities like skating, skiing, making holiday crafts, or watching a good ol’ hallmark movie, these activities will pull you away from your phone or laptop and force you to be in the present moment. 

  1. Set an out-of-office notification, and stick to it!

This can be really challenging if you’re starting a business on your own or only have yourself to rely on. However, most folks take a break over the winter holidays and you can, and should, too! Ride the collective wave and take time off so you can come back stronger in the new year. Think of it as shutting down your computer and restarting it with a fresh update!


It’s easy to feel like you’re working 24/7 as an entrepreneur.  This holiday, give yourself the gift of a well-deserved break. We’ll be here to cheer you on in the new year and support you with your legal needs with our amazing contract templates.

Email to find out which contract kit or single template is best suited to protect you and your business! That is, once you've taken time for yourself and are ready to put legal in place :)

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